Up for sale is my latest restoration, this is a 5X7 Korona with rotating back, front rise and fall, rear tilt and swing. Camera was covered in leather when I received it, looked quite poor. I have hand sanded, stained (3 coats), and polyurethane coated (3 coats) this camera. All brass hardware has been hand polished to a beautiful shine with 0000 Steel Wool and Mother's polish. The spring back functions well and the GG has been replaced with Steve Hopf GG that has clipped corners with a super fine grind for a beautiful image.

The bellows are light tight and a beautiful red leather that fold up nicely inside the camera. The bellows have 21" of draw so you will not have any problem focusing any lens you can mount. There are no lens boards with the camera but if you purchase the camera I will supply you with several email addresses of people who make nice wooden lens boards for very affordable prices. The lens board is 3X3" and 1/4" thickness. The board will go in top first and a steel spring at the top will apply pressure to hold the board into the slot at the bottom.

There are three points on the camera where a button style release is used, one is on the top to allow the camera's front door to open and one on either side to allow for the rear movements to be used. Since these buttons were covered with leather previously there is now nothing to hold them in the hole. It is easy enough however to use a ball point pen to depress the lever inside for any of the functions. The three copper "buttons" will be included with the camera and you could also just keep one in your pocket instead of a pen.

I am also including two repainted 5X7 film holders that are in great condition and will function perfectly, the hinges have also been replaced. These are to get you started and are from my personally supply.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions about this camera. I am requesting payment by PayPal if possible but will also accept a USPS Postal Money order if you are unable or unwilling to send payment by PayPal. If would be preferable to receive payment as a "gift" so I do not have to pay fees but if you wish to send the payment through PayPal as a normal purchase please add %3 to the final total.

Price: $300 Shipped USPS Priority with insurance and delivery confirmation CONUS, International shipping will be more but will be discounted by $15.

All photos of the camera are here: 5X7 Korona