The following gear just needs to go. It's in various states of broken. Just pay shipping and it's yours.

Minolta X-370n - The shutter curtain is torn. Meter and all other functions work properly

Excel Toy Camera - There's nothing wrong with it except it's lame.

Kodak Tourist II Camera - In really fantastic shape. The bellows look new, lens is beautifully clear, the body is clean and scratch free! The shutter (Kodak Flash 200 Type) will not cock or fire, however. Otherwise in excellent shape!

Ansco B2 Speedex Junior - This is a little rougher. The bellows need some help and the shutter doesn't do anything remotely close to firing. I can ship it to you for five bucks, but if it doesn't get out of here soon, it's going in the garbage. Comes with original manual and leather case!

Ansco Mema - This one has really seen better days. The lens is dirty, but unscratches. The shutter fires at all speeds (mostly) accurately. Aperture control works. The focus, however, is jammed.