I cheated a bit by not including plates or developers in this part. The developer chemistry without trays was 33.56 (listed below). I already own the glass cutting equipment (from doing stained glass in the past) and i'm having trouble finding a decent model to quote in my price list. I did not pay for everything listed, but I did have to purchase most of the stuff on that list at said cost.

How about a stirrer?
I'm hoping i don't have to buy a hot plate stirrer right away. I am going to use a crock-pot water bath. I hope that either the craigslist gods will deliver, or christmas will come and santa will be kind i'd probly be going for this one if i were to buy.

On the other hand, you could save a lot in beakers etc by using kitchen plastic, stainless steel and glassware. I think Denise Ross' website lists good tips how to use kitchen utensils and machinery in budget emulsion making.
Absolutely true. I got a lot of stuff from the kitchen aisle. I could have hunted at goodwill and such to get some of these items used... but there was two reasons. First, I have no experience making emulsions and i want to remove as many variables as possible with used materials. And second, I don't have any kitchen equipment of my own to pilfer from . Mason jar glasses FTW.

Developer Cost:
Photo Formulary (Shipped with previous order)
Photographer's Formulary PMK Formula Film Developer 25 Liter 16.95

ScienceShopUSA (Shipped with previous order)
Sodium Thiosulfate 500g $14.95

Craigslist (Gas Money)
(3x) Developing Trays Free (3x = Free)

Walmart (Gas Money)
(2x) Distilled Water .83 (x2 = $1.66)