here's what is still available

1. Graflex Viewfinders: One has a slightly smaller window than the other one. NOW $15 shipped

(B) is a #2 insert

2. Wire frames. $NOW $10 shipped for the one with black thingies on it, $FREE, just pay $3 for shipping for the other one(not sure if this is just a part however), $12 shipped for both

3. Lensboards:

take them as you see them

LB-1: $7 shipped
has the plunger attachment, but no plunger. has some small holes, nothing a little bit of tape or wood putty couldn't fix.

LB-2: $5 shipped
slightly cracked. has some holes in it.

LB-3: $10 shipped
good condition. 42mm hole(Copal 1 I think)

LB-4: $8 shipped
has some tape residue/liftoff of paint on all 4 edges. 35mt



LB-7: $12 shipped
aluminum board, likely homemade. Good overall "user" condition. Has some pitting. see photo:

5. 4x5 Fresnel Lenses

6. Sync Cords(telehone-coiled style ALL household style

(1) good condition. untested NOW $8 shipped
(2) good condition. untested NOW $8 shipped
(3) has been taped in various spots. see picture. not standard "pin" attachment. $5 shipped
(4) good condition. untested NOW $6 shipped

19. Spare parts.

see picture. Take it all, no breaking up.
NOW $8 shipped for it all pictured, shipped