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PE - you are certainly right about different pumps have to be matched with different tube diameters, thickness, and flexability. The tubes I listed to are used in a large number of analytical lab pumps and are often found used for sale.

I think it shows that one pump may not be able to fill every emulsion makers needs, depending on the flow rate needed.

I agree. The Masterflex, which I have, is probably the most popular in many circles and is the pump we used for a lot of things at EK, so I felt confident in it.

The problem is that this formula is probably wrong for this scale and that formulas made at this scale must be very carefully chosen for all characteristics including flow rate or pumpability, if that is to be done. A three hour run is not possible without pumps.

Therefore, I think I will move on to an emulsion with a higher flow rate or a shorter run time or both.

As for getting someone to build things for me, that is what I did with the coating blades and it just did not work out in the long run! Plastic joints leak or fall apart in these hot solutions, or they absorb chemicals. Stainless Steel is expensive and hard to work with... etc....

And, if I get too specialized, then who can do this in a home darkroom? After all, that is one goal of my work.

Thanks for all of the suggestions though.