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John, since I saw you were doing more 8x10, I wondered what lens focal lengths you are currently favoring in that format.

Also, do you use a bag bellows with the 150mm (or any other lens) on the Phillips?


I have shot 90% 8x10 since the first of the year for my UAkron photo course. What seems strange to me, but may not to others, is that my favorite lens on both 8x10 and 7x17 is a 12” Dagor in an Acme #4 shutter.

On both cameras I use as large as a 600mm. I think both bellows will go out to 725mm (not positive on that). I use a 250 wide field Ektar on both, but with only a small amount of movement on the 7x17. I can, but rarely, use the 150mm on the 8x10. I had a Schneider 210mm HM that worked well on the 8x10 with some movement (356mm I think on 8x10s 313mm). I traded it on a 210mm SSXL. That came in a suitcase, was too much trouble to move around, so I sold it. Unfortunately that left me without a 210mm of any sort.

On both my Phillips cameras the bellows is fixed. I can use the 150mm on the 8x10 with the standard bellows.