I have got an Ilford Sporti too. I got it from ebay as usual. I have been through a bunch of these to find one where the lens is clear and the shutter can be un-gummed. Either you get one with a good shutter & the lens is misty or the shutter sticks. As there was nothing to lose I used some electrical contact cleaner. This is some sort of alcohol. The shutter worked until the cleaner evaporated so I then used cotton a wool bud sprayed with WD40 and the shutter now worked. I decided to put a film through it.

You can see the results for yourselves. I under-developed the film by mistake, but this worked out OK, because a scanner exaggerates contrast (as well as grain). Please bear in mind these images were done hand-held.
I don't know what the lenses were on the original Sporti, whether one element or a cemented pair. I think the later Sporti 6 had a achromat composed of what I assume is a cemented pair. Maybe this is true for the early Sporti.

I have also got a Goldixette by Goldammer. This one has a chromed pull-out lens barrel. The original Dacora Digna is similar but the barrel is plain alloy, and that sometimes produces fine debris inside the camera.
Has anyone with more experience of the Sporti know if it tends to vignette in strong lighting. So far i have not seen any evidence of this behaviour.