You mentioning your Fuji makes me want to get my GA645W out. It's so light, fun and easy to use, and if you can get it stopped down to about 8.0 the lens is really good. I found that wide open that the lens could be slightly disappointing, a bit soft and maybe because the wide lens focus didn't have too many steps it just couldn't get it right, esp close up. It could be down to camera shake too as with compact MF I think you want to use it like a 35mm but they are more prone to shake, especially because the lens is so slow - f4. Overall though, as a landscape, urban or otherwise, it's a super camera when it's a nice sunny day or with some 400 Provia. Don't forget to take spare battery as I found them a little hard to come by and will always fail when you are not near a specialist shop. Plus, use the data record thingy, it prints info on the edge of the film as that way you can see which aperture/speed combo is good, that's why I know.