Here in Montana you can get veterinary needles off the shelf at local farm supply stores. That is where we get the non needle type syringes available from us for small quantity measurements. I'm not sure the guage of the needles but can check if you would like me to. Also if you need somemore silver nitrate or other material the Formulary is more than happy to support your important work. Maybe if more of the sponsors here on APUG would/could step up to the plate we could actually fund some R&D that will benefit the entire APUG community. If each of the 30,000+- members listed at top of APUG home page each sent in $1 think how far your research could go with $30,000.00. The Formulary is willing to be a collection/distribution place for PE's R&D $'s if anybody is interested.
Tell Suzi hi and the rock that broke her leg will be on the way to her very soon.