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After mentioning in various threads that 5x4 (or 4x5) enlargers are being given away in the US but command high prices in the UK, I now have one which didn't really cost me any money.

In return for a few spare pieces I had for Mamiya TLRs, I got a Devere 54 with cold cathode light source. I just paid for the postage.

It has been taken apart and delivered in four boxes so I will have a go at putting it back together tonight.

It has been said that the light from the cold cathode source is fairly blue and can be a problem with variable contrast filters so I am planning on building an LED light source for this. I have the PCB from an LED stage light which is fitted with red, green and blue LEDs which I think will work quite well.


Nice going Steve, it can be hard, depending on location, to get something like an enlarger. The vast majority who live near big cities, I believe, take it for granted that they can get one but those in more rural areas find it more difficult.

When you make your LED light source send me a note if possible on your approach to the construction of it. I'd like to make a head for my Durst which is sitting outside the darkroom without one. I use a Beseler 45 right now.

I hope you can get it put back together, it's going to be like a holiday working on it and the excitement of the first print, it's all fun.