I’ve been invited to be one of 25 artists on the Fall Foliage Art Studio Tour here in southwestern New Hampshire on Saturday and Sunday, October 9 and 10. Sounds like an excuse for a party!

I’ll open my “studio” to visitors, with traditional prints on display (“Brooks Jensen” or “inventory reduction pricing”: $25 each for 5x7 or 8x10 mounted black and white prints), but that doesn’t feel like enough, so here’s an invitation to photographers who might like to visit. We’ll have good food, lots to photograph on my land (147 acres of New England woods and rock walls, on what is traditionally the peak fall foliage weekend here). I’ll also have maps to nearby places to photograph. Come try an 8x10, or try large format. I’ll have cameras and film (2 - 8x10s: Norma and Alice,my Sinar and Ritter, and 4x5 Baby Wista). Have a look at my darkroom and “studio” space. Maybe we can induce visitors to pose for a large format portraits. Moses, my African Gray Parrot, is excited, too.

I’ll have a video/CD sale:
“Camera Repair in the Field with Richard Ritter” DVD video, normally $24, on sale for $15.
“The Richard Ritter Ultra-Large Format Camera Owners Manual” DVD video, normally $15, on sale for $12.
“Finely Focused: Mechanics and Creativity in Large Format Photography,” 309 pages on CD-ROM, normally $25, on sale for $20.
“Swanzey Rural Character,” the award-winning documentary, $5.

Richard Ritter’s on board to be here. I can probably convince him to bring over one of his ULF’s for folks to put hands on. He thinks he may have an 11x14, too.

Come hang out, swap stories, compare cameras, try something new, but mostly, have a good time, eat, drink and be merry. Hope to see you. And if anyone has more ideas for what we could do, let me know.