In my quest to return to the dark side after 20 years away I've been picking up all sorts of equipment. An Omega 760, a Besler 45MX with an Ilford Mutilgrade head, and yesterday an Omega D5XL with condenser head and a Fujimoto CP31 processor. A bonus with the D5 was 10 boxes of Ilford Multigrade paper _ i hope its still good.

Now my plea for help. The CP31 had the parts manuals and the operating manual for the wash dry unit but not the operating manual for the main unit. Search as I might I have not been able to find online a manual for the main unit, either one to download or one for sale. Does any know where I could locate one? Maybe someone could scan one?

I'd also be interested in any tips of chemicals and set up for B&W that work well with the CP31.

Thanks in advance

PS I still have my 23C from a long time ago, I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with all these enlargers, it's become a habit...