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Hi John,
Put the July gathering on the schedule. Will see if I can work it in. Sue and I will be going to Charleston the last week of July so a final determination has not yet been made.

Had such a great time up there in May that it might be a hard thing to keep me away. Have you got a fall time set yet. That I could throw a 93% certainty at showing while the July is 50/50 now. (I am the 50% want to go and Sue is iffy due to the travel costs and all at the end of the month.)

Will keep you posted and will ping ya all once I get some prints of the stuff I shot this last time. I really want to get over and do some more work at the ledges.

Question??? When were folks going to go to the Akron Museum to see the print exhibit? That was something I really do hope to see.


So glad you enjoyed the visit. That is the pleasure of having these events, the excitement of everyone enjoying the hobby and people that are so close to us, each excelling in his own way.

My guess and hope is that there will be a Fall event, but no date or related events have been selected.

Hope you can come to the July event. No idea yet which day we will look at the museum, weather and the wishes of those attending will be a big factor. When you are host you see that people make plans to come. For some things happen and their plans change. Two who wanted to come last time had to cancel. Arrival and departure times for those who can come change. Being a guest at two of Bill Schwab’s much larger gathering taught me that you can drive yourself nuts trying to schedule people who won’t or can’t be scheduled. That is why I put the statement in the boiler plate, “We are trying to have a loose organizational shell under which all cats may be comfortably herded. The plan will evolve until the majority is happy and the protesters fall asleep.”

Looking forward to seeing your prints soon and both of you in July if you can make it.