This is a Ross Telecentric 17" lens from circa 1912. According to the lens Vade Mecum, when the 2 Ross telecentric lens lines first came out in 1912, they were the fastest available and so expensive no one in Germany could afford one. A bit of a random comment, perhaps, but it shows this lens might have some value to you.

I bought this lens in 2001, mainly because I was in Australia and this lens was sold by Kodak Australasia and it seemed like a good idea. It got buried in a box and here it is, nearly 10 years later. I don't even have a camera now this will fit on.

There is a dent in the lens hood part, see photo and expertly rendered yellow circle showing location. There are a few bubbles in the glass which I suspect are normal, and there may be a small chip in the rear element - but I think it is a bubble as well. Glass is clear, no edge separation. Weight 1114g so its not a featherweight. This guy has been super-sizing his fries.

There is a non-original flange that threads a thread or two that you can have if you want it, and I have a Nikon 35mm lock-cap that fits the rear element if you want that. About 5 1/2" high and 3" wide at the flange.

$125 + shipping. I take USPS money orders and Paypal with all fees to the buyer.

Cheers, Richard