Hi Charles, that's good news you have no pain at the moment. If I were you I would avoid any wear and tear activities like heavy lifting, running. Keep the back active without subjecting it to gravity, can't recommend swimming enough. Find a local lap pool and have a swim every few days if you can, vary the strokes etc. I'm lucky there is a lap pool 7mins from me and it's about $2 to have a swim. You might be fine for now with omega3 and maybe a 'joint formula' supplement that has glucosamine & chondroiton, and a light dose of collagen at night for now. That would minimise cost as supplements are never cheap. They are also once again linking vitaminD deficiency to more ailments including arthritis so ensure you get enough vitD. If you really want to go all out a teeter inversion table is great, has done wonders for me.. http://www.teeter-inversion.com/ good luck!