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The maximum dimensions of the case are 21.25 x 10.75 x 21.5 inches, which would be approximately 54 x 27 x 54 cm, and there is a foam block in the cover that could be removed covering about half the depth that's about 5 cm thick, so it wouldn't fit the 12x20, but might work for Dave's 14x17.

My camera is 18" square including knobs and not too thick, which is pretty compact as 11x14" cameras with reversible backs go.
When I first read the post earlier, I checked the specs on the B and H website and I determined the 14 x 17 wouldn't fit. I'll measure it again in the morning (it is in its pelican 1640 nest right now...I pack in in that when I put it in the back of the truck..it is not handy but is most protective, it has wheels etc. If I had to ship it I would pay the extra weight for the 1640 etc) It would really be nice to have something I could carry on.

I have the G 5 tower and it measures 18 3/4 x 20 1/8 x 8.

With the knobs approx 23 x 22 x 8 would work, plus padding Interior dimensions . It is really hard to find a case like that. I have built one out of wood with an open top and have used it also out of the 2nd door of the truck...I wrap the camera in a naugahyde wrap and it is easy to open the door and slide it out. So far the camera has been via truck, only in Arizona and Nevada.