I have a nice CP-31 that I bought in great shape, and will be using for RA4. I have the manuals too if Mike can't provide them for some reason. There may be an online copy somewhere, I'll look around.

Omega-Satter is supposed to be the parts supplier for these but they haven't replied to my email. I want to get some spare rollers for mine. Fujimoto Japan was very prompt in their email reply but directed me to omega-satter.

I just got a CP-51 (big brother of 31) with the W/D module, and it's filthy. I need to spend some time to clean it up, I expect that will take a while. Thats' the one I need the rollers for, as it looks like it was never cleaned and a couple of the rubber ones are more of a sponge consistency now rather than rubber.

Cleaning it up is going to be like the aegean stables I think, a herculean task, but the price was right ($250) so it will be worth it if I can get a couple of spare/new rollers to replace the damaged ones.

If anyone has CP-51 manuals, I'd appreciate a copy and can pay for postage or scanning. Most of the stuff I can figure out but it's always nice to have factory documentation.

These are great machines and I feel fortunate to have them available.