I'm aware, the answer would be "well... depends on what you want..." but I would still like to get some opinions from folks far more experienced than I am.

For my 35mm gear, I decided that I'd want prime lens in standard to wide range. I already have 50mm but the problem is wider range. The choices are, 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm. When I shoot digital (sorry), I tend to use wide end of my zoom more which is 18mm. That would translate to 27mm in full frame.

I could just get 28mm or get both 24mm and 35mm.

I ask for opinions because I tend to shoot differently when I have prime lens on body, rather than zoom. Obviously (is it?), it won't make sense to get all 3. I can cover similar range by "foot zoom" by neighboring focal length to a degree.

I know there are prime lens fans here. Opinions and recommendations, please.

By the way, I tend to be agnostic in shooting subjects. Question really isn't what lens fits better with what subject. Question is, how do I avoid unnecessary near duplications?