I just remembered that my first Linhof kit (Super Tech III 90/150/240 kit) came with this lens. Looks to be a well-made macro lens capable of 2:1 magnification without using extension tubes. It is a double extension lens, with one collar going up to 1:1, and the other taking it up to 2:1. The exposure compensation factors are handily marked on the lens barrel, and the distance scale goes down to 7 inches on the feet scale, and 0.17 meters on the meters scale. The lens includes a screw-in Series 8 filter holder/lens hood. The lens is in extremely good condition.

As I said, it just sort of came along with the Linhof, and I don't know much about it. Seems like a fun lens. Now I guess I need to get an Exacta too.....oy vey! Another camera?

Anyone know anything about this lens, its quality, its value, etc?

Thanks in advance.