Now i have developed my first film in it. It came out alright. I did actually plot a curve on a paper from the times in the manual to get times for 30 degrees celcius, 8min. This since i am used to that temp from Tetenal and the Rollei manual has times for 20, 25, 37,8 and 45. It was a Fuji P160C i tried with and i could use the same filtering as i have used before, so colors seem to be OK. In other aspects i could not see any difference from other rolls of the same film developed at labs or those i have done my self in Tetenal. So, judging from this first film this chemistry seem to do what it should, and in this case at 30 degrees/8min.

The concentrates was easy to mix, and i did not follow the manual that said to start with water at 49 degrees, i mixed it in water around 35 degrees, i did not even use a thermometer at the mixing stage. Part A, B, C and starter are all clear liquids, but when mixed the working solution becomes light amber. Unused the developer has almost the same color as the unused bleach, so mark your bottles with working solutions well.. All the bottles in the kit are not full, they are not even sealed with a plastic film under the cap as the Tetenal bottles. To me that says that these concentrates do not oxidize and thus i believe the long shelf life. The reason that all bottles not are full in the kit is probably that the working solutions have a bit different capacity, the Stab has three times the capacity per volume compared to the developer.

But, the manual did not contain any specifics about shelf life, other than "Extremely long shelf-life of the liquid concentrates". Not a word about the shelf life of working solutions, that info would be nice to have some words about since 300ml in enough for up to 6 films.