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-- If you've already got a 50 I'd concur with the above suggestion of 24mm. It gives a more dramatic perspective expansion effect than a 28 mm and is wide enough that it's really easy to set up leading lines that take the eye right into the picture, yet it isn't as hard to handle as a 21mm or wider lens which really demands careful positioning to avoid converging parallel lines etc. It's also the widest you can get for shooting people without doing weird things to their heads if they end up at the edge of the frame. A 24 35 50 combo is overkill-- good to own, but I'd never take all three of those out with me unless I wanted to spend all my time dickering about which lens to use rather than shoot. Id go 24+50 or 35, but that's just me.
Not just you. That's exactly how I'd describe it myself. The 24 and 50 are 2/3 of my standard kit. I have a 28 and a 35 too, but the 24 sees the most use. It's wide enough to be dramatic, and not so wide that it's hard to use. I usually kick in a fast 85 or 105 mm lens if I need a little extra reach. Anything longer than that is petty useless for hand held photography under anything less than perfect conditions, and doesn't get much use.