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My plugs for 28mm never seem to work. They always go for the 24 instead.......
I use my Biogon-G 28mm all the time because its an awesome lens. But if I'm not shooting with the Contax .. well, lets say someone was leaving me on an island and I could ONLY have two lenses ... I'd probably pick a 24mm and a 50mm.

I do love the 35mm FD lens I have too :-)

A lot of my lens choices have to do with cameras I own. My Contax G1 has a limited set. My Koni-Omega has a limited set.

Now if I'm shooting with the FD its all about what I'm in the mood for, hah. But usually I'll be in the mood for a 35mm day, and grab the Canon.

Just buy every lens you can afford like the rest of us haha.