I'm getting really excited about all this!

I don't think the "boys" (bovine variety) will be here then - they're pastured a mile away for the summer. But maybe. Richard has the great picture of our boys as babies chained to a bulldozer in our front field trying to pull it. It's posted somewhere on the net, and is very funny.

Whitey! What kind words!

We are, in fact, trying to sneak in experiences that will maybe convey some knowledge, or at least experience. At very least, I'm going to pony up some loaded 8x10 holders so folks can try 8x10. I like the idea of a portrait clinic, or at least, maybe, a 4x5 and holders for that, maybe 8x10. Not to mention that I'm finally getting serious about making pictures on my own land. I've even labeled the binder for the negs and proofs: "My House." 8x10s, with one idea I want to do that will be 5x7s. There's plenty of photographic fodder here, if you like trees and rocks. And remember, it's peak colors.

If nothing else, it's a chance to play with Richard's big cameras, and learn why I love mine so much.

Someone asked me to email him a schedule. I blinched at the thought of having a schedule, but maybe that's not such a bad idea. I'll mull it over and talk to Richard.

We'll have good chow, too. Guaranteed. As I have learned, I am among those photographers who are also pretty good cooks. All that I know are pretty accomplished eaters. A photographer runs on his stomach, I guess.