My idea of collecting and distribution of donations was not based on any requirement of having to buy something from the Formulary, IE "donation on check out".
I was just offering to be a collector/distributor of donations from anybody that wanted to donate, customer of Formulary or not. Ron doesn't have the ability for example to take a $5.00 donation via a credit card, I am just offering to make and keep it simple and continue Ron's work. I am also aware that Ron is working on a book and maybe something could be set up that the donations could be part of book price when and if book is available.
As most everyone on this forum is aware, Ron and the Formulary do have existing business relationships and are expected to continue.
So I am just throwing out an idea that mite help Ron/PE continue his work without undo financial burden. I also understand there are other people doing similiar and different work studies that can benefit the entire APUG community.
Lets keep chatting about it and see where it mite go.