Take photos of whatever you want to take photos of, but I would remind you that Kodachrome was known for the nice bright colors, so try and get a lot of those in your photos.

Here is what I have been up to, I say this because you might get an idea from it. I have one and a half rolls of Kodachrome 64 left. I have been shooting Flowers of spring, bright lawn ornaments, and my kid in bright clothing playing on the lawn, and bright colored cars. I am avoiding browns and earth tones. I have noticed from your photos that the blacks look really black as well. I have been avoiding night flash photos with Kodachrome, but seeing your pictures I think that a few night photos are in order, with bright colors on them naturally. I do find myself avoiding taking that "I think that might look interesting" photo, also with Kodachrome it is one frame only, the photos will last over 100 years if properly stored so if you weren't smiling or looking at the camera in them that's too bad, I will take your picture with some other film or digital later, you are not waisting more of the last of the Kodachrome.

I think my Kodachrome photos will end up looking like a study in American Tacky. I almost wish I had decorated my home in "Early American Vista Way", that would be fun to shoot in Kodachrome.

Whatever you do have fun and be yourself. Try not to do anything illegal either.