Hi everyone. This is my first post. I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Iíve just retired as a pro and, free from client constraints for speed and the need to balance the budget, I am going back to film. I took my Hasselblads out of storage, has some CLA done and I am busy organizing my darkroom. Over the years Iíve collected some excellent darkroom equipment, chief of which is a Durst 1200 with the CLS 501 head. Built like a tank in Italy near where I was born. In fact, I was so impressed with Durst that on one of my trips back home I took time off to visit the factory. Great team.

My question: I have two Jobo ATL1000 processors that I purchased second hand some years ago and never used. One has the standard cycles (white letters on black background) which I understand. However, the second ATL (S/n 13781) has a modified set of cycles (black letters on a white background) as follows:

E6 +1
E6 3B
3B +1
Process A
C41 ST
C41 +1
Process B
B/W 5
B/W 7
B/W 9
Process C
Process D

My question: what are Process A, B , C and D? How can I find out by running the machine?

Any information will be very welcome. Thank you all for your sharing.