Many of us here either build, restore or modify cameras, so it would be useful to share resources and skills.

For instance I can make new bellows, focus screens, renovate Thornton Pickard or Speed Graphic & similar shutters but I'm hamfisted at wood-work or brass work.

OK I'm currently usually only in the UK twice a year for a few weeks but I take restorations back to Turkey to work on and can post items back when needed.

The reason for making this post is a current restoration of a Quarter Plate camera given to me by a former partner in the early 90's. I had a local joiners make the missing front standard and the time needed to find someone, explain what I wanted, was quite high, and there are APUG members who could do this easily.

Now I need brass fittings, I can get them made but wouldn't trading my skills be a better way ?