I just picked up one of these beauties and have a question regarding the compensation ring. Could someone please tell me if I've got this right? I think it's supposed to allow me to adjust the shutter speed by 1 1/3 stops in 1/3 increments in either direction. If that's correct would that mean that setting the shutter speed at 400, the aperture at f/11 and then setting the compensation ring at minus 1/3 I'd be doing the same thing as setting the aperture to f/8 2/3?

It would seem to me that using the ring would be more accurate. However, I ran a test roll through it using all the settings on the compensation ring with the shutter set at 1/60 and the aperture set at f/11 and they all look exactly the same. I'm using Tri-x 400 and developing/printing them myself so I'm confident that part of the process is correct.

Any help would be much appreciated.