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I really enjoy the great autofocus and exposure systems on my N80 and N75 so a N85 or N80s would be nice. I think a nice new midrange film camera would be nice. We have high end F6 and low end FM10 but nothing for the midrange market.
I agree on the N80 exposure system. It's really top level for the price point.

Here's a different view on the subject. Why not forget new bodies and re-manufacture the old lenses with some tweaks. The market for good legacy lenses is going up in price as the 4/3rd's people are buying them up. Then your going to have the Sony E mount come out and supposedly you'll be able to mount some legacy lenses. Then wait till the end of the year and Sony will come out with their interchangeable lens consumer video camera. And this list will go on, so I'm not worried about the bodies as much as the lenses at decent price levels. Already my cheap 135mm Super Takumar F2.5 is worth twice what I paid for it compared to KEH prices.