Hi Giadne,

First: I see two problems here: your coating technique can probably use a bit of improvement. I have used brushes too, but gotten better results. See the example below of Black Magic VC. I think you need to apply at least two or three coatings, to get a relatively even one. Besides that, keep in mind like someone else already posted, that BM needs a RED(!) safelight (and yes, it is necessary, I have tested another color too, and it was sensitive to a standard Ilford Orange / Brown safelight), so get a red one if you don't have one.

I don't think your image is really "black", I still see an image displayed, albeit faint (an eye, and the lower left jaw is still just visible), I think you need to work out the exposure better. Anyway, I don't think the water temperature should be the major issue, but if in doubt, measure it. It should be around 50-60 for melting the emulsion. I don't know what happens to emulsion if you have boiling water, but you said you waited for 10 minutes, so I think it might be OK.