I do not have running water either. I do all of my film chemical work in bathroom once a film is in a tank. For printing, I have a deep tray with water for temporary pooling place after fixing. I put my paper there and usually take it to my bathroom to do the final wash. My latest procedure works out that the paper never stays in this tray for no longer than 5 minutes.

What it did was to slow down the pace of my work - which actually was a good thing. I take the paper out to bathroom, wash, then to living room to squeezie and lay it on bath towel. Then I can view the result in more light. I actually reduced the wasted print paper by factor of two....

It'd be nice to have water but it isn't an absolute necessity.

I wish I had running water when it comes to cleaning though. I have to move all the dirty trays, tongs, etc to bathroom - wash - dry - and carry them all back in.