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The 3063 has a ribbed lining, so the mat is needed to keep "invisible" ridge-lines from forming in your negative that will show in the final print. The material I got was flexible vinyl like you would use for a cutting board. The original Jobo ones were clear, and had little button-type protrusions to keep the film in place. I've only seen pictures of them, never handled one - if you can find a NOS Jobo mat, they go for $200 +. If you are developing in D-76 or Rodinal or Xtol, you probably won't have an issue with the 3063 as-is, but pyro developers are notoriously prone to the ridgelines showing up in prints.

Scott - I have Jobo USA inserts (that's what Jobo USA called them)- two for 7x17 (enables pairs of 7x17 to be developed) and two for 12x20 (single sheet). They are a vacuum formed clear plastic - fairly thick, and I was told that they were built solely by Jobo USA in the upper midwest..

The vacuum forming process gave small round raised plateaus where plastic pins were inserted. This design allowed the film to ride about 3/8 inch above the clear sheet while the drum was rotated with solution . When the solution is drained and you remove the insert, you'll find the film is sitting on the insert surface.
The inserts are tight fitting into the 3063 drum, with the ends meeting at an exact fit when inserted. The vacuum forming process also gave them a natural curl - they normally sit curved when removed from the drum, and I find that I need to weight them on 4 corners to be able to easily insert the film into the insert prior to putting into the 3063.

Hope this helps.

The inserts weren't cheap when sold by Jobo USA - about $250.00 each.

Its easy to build your own inserts with clear plastic sheeting and plastic snaps from a sewing store. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your mats.