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Which power supply? EST1000N? I know that some of the power supplies (like my EST2000N) only 'overrun' the fan if the temp in the housing goes above ambient temp. So, my fans shut off as soon as the lamp goes off. It only stays on if I run a bunch of exposures right after another, then it stays on until its cool up there again.

That LED conversion looks promising, but I would imagine that the heat from 1000watts of LED (if you could ever get that much) would still require the fans
I have got an EST 1000N. The EST2000N does have some thermal sensor.
I do not think I need 1000W of leds see this Apug thread: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum43/5...roic-leds.html
With about 30 leds, 2 stops faster than an 1000 watt quartz halogen dichroic.