Hello Josy, I hope you were able to figure out the problem and shed some light on the subject as my XG-1 is doing the very same thing. New batteris, film loaded, button turned on...the b.c. doesn't work..
anyway...here's hoping. Thanks

Josy05-03-2009, 09:35 AM
I'm having problems with my Minolta XG-1, and I really hope someone could help me fix the problems.
I have a Minolta XG-1, which hasn't been used for a long time. A little while ago I became interested in SLR photography so I decided to shoot some photos with it. Now, I've refreshed the batteries and I've put a new film in. I've set the settings to automatic and standard, but the film-advance lever won't go further than 30 degrees while it should go up to 130 degrees. In other words, the lever blocks and prevents me from advancing to the next photo. (Note: it's a new film and advancing from S to 1 (on the counter) is not possible).

The required batteries are A76, but I've read that you also could use a similar battery (like L1154, AG13, LR44). At the moment I'm using L1154 batteries.

I really hope that someone could help me because I look forward to shooting some nice pics with this nostalgic apparatus. :-P