Thanks guys. I have not actually used the ATL1000. I bought two of them some years ago and kept them in storage for the day I would be able to go back to film. Since 2001 I worked digitally because of my photo business requirements. I needed quick turnaround and small images. Now I'm retired and going back to doing what I really like. Frankly, hanging around in my darkroom in my shorts, listening to music and using my hands sure beats the stiff back I get behind the computer screen. Fact is, because of the learning curve, volume of images and keeping up with technology, post processing digital takes longer than darkroom work.

I see that the ATL has a set of 6 lights that indicate the processing steps being carried out. I plan to fill the ATL with water and see what happens with the lights. I'll keep you posted and in between any further info will be much appreciated.