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I'm not surprised that APX 100 looks sharper and finer grained in these tests, but to be fair, the Tonal 100 looks like it needs longer development time and maybe slightly more exposure to have the same density range as APX 100 under these conditions, though judging from shadow areas in the scans (like the shadow underneath the color chart) it looks like the exposure is pretty close--maybe the Tonal 100 could be rated at 40 instead of 50, and then you would just need to experiment with development time. It's hard to judge sharpness when the contrast is different between the two samples, and it's hard to judge grain when the density of the patches to be compared aren't the same. One way to do this would be to make a few clip tests on the same roll bracketing exposures in 1/3 stop increments, and then bracket development for the clips in increments of 10% development time, and then choose the frames from each film that best match.