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A friend was telling me that the Ricoh 28mm f2.8 ltm (same lens as in the GR1,s,v) is used for industrial purposes because it meets such high standards. I'm sure the same can be said about the Contax T lenses - they are brilliant.

Excalibur2 have you tried the Nikon 35ti?
Well I haven't bought the Nikon 35ti, but have the Yashica T5 with zeiss T* lens and am not impressed...compared to my SLR lenses. Another nice small camera is my Konica C35, and again in enlargement tests it can't equal a SLR Prime lens.
So it would seem from members opinions, some P&S lenses are exceptional but I've haven't come across one yet, and would just add:- I'm comparing the P&S lenses with known excellent SLR lenses and not something like a domiplan