Coincidentally, my wife and I will be in the South Island in July also. We are flying into Christchurch from Nadi on our way home from a week in Fiji, so it should be an interesting contrast in weather conditions. Planning to visit Dunedin and Invercargill, both of which we missed last time, and a day on the Tranz-Alpine (both ways). I have a couple of bricks of Legacy Pro 400 waiting in the fridge, and a brick of Ektar 100 also. The only thing not set in stone (or ice if you like) is what gear to take given the trade-off between functionality and the need for low weight/bulk. At the moment I am thinking F3 and FE2 with Arsat 20/2.8, CV Ultron 40/2, CV Nokton 58/1.4, CV Color-Heliar 75/2.5 (one of my favourites), and Nikon Series E 100/2.8. Plus odd bits & pieces like SB-15 speedlight, WLF for F3, polarising filters, graduated filters, light weight tripod and monopod. Oh, and a little digi P&S thing, just in case I run out of film ;-)