I don't believe in magic. They seem to promise everything that is known impossible or to give non-professional, degraded results. They promise completely dustless negs and still I've seen examples here of the most terrible goo ever. They promise processing at almost any temperature, but I want to see it proved. Color contrast balance is dependent on diffusion rate and while it maybe can be controlled by modifying chemistry, it's hard to see how any chemistry could work for all temperatures without modification.

And, I don't also believe that this chemistry would sustain overusage (compared to other chemistry) without affecting density at all. It's probably just that they have lower quality standards. If you are happy with some nice color images with minor speed and color shifts and crossover and don't need perfect densitometry, you can probably abuse Kodak, Fuji and Tetenal chemicals as well and get identical results. They just don't promise anything.

Don't forget that we are dealing with some kind of con artist company here, with rhetoric over product reality. This product may be good but I wouldn't buy it, and it would be the last thing to believe their product is superior, new technology.