But, if you wish to volunteer, order a bottle of Formazo from the Formulary and make me 100 4x5 contact prints. Use either Baryta paper or any 100# Hot press paper. Even better, make that 100 8x10 contact prints.


Re: "Volunteering"

Ron, Were you just being specious or half-serious? I have several unopened large (wide) rolls of baryta paper from Formulary and it would not be a huge task for me to round up some students and generate 100 consistent contact prints for you. It's summertime and student labor can be found for just the price of a few pizzas!

I assume you have a certain image/neg you would want copied? I'm sure you have some specific technical parameters you need maintained, etc.

It seems to me that you are working as hard as any one man should, and if any of us can contribute some small pieces to your project, it sounds like you have already earned our support.

J. Miller Adam