I was half joking, but if I could get 100 or so 4x5 contact prints with good coating quality of one single negative with a reference print set at the same density and gradation on a brand name paper of any sort (but identified), this would go into the book with pleasure along with an acknowledgment of your work and the students names along with you and the school. After all, credit where credit is due! Including a Stouffer step wedge in the image area would be a big benefit as well. I do this with a 6x7 negative and a small size Stouffer wedge.

Each of the premium sets would then contain two prints (reference and experiment) along with the DVD set. If you go ahead, please insure that you know what contrast grade you get from the Formulary and check beforehand. I think that they are almost out of the current supply and may only have one grade in stock. IDK when the next run is scheduled.