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It's also written "726/3" on plate holders for mine Ideal 111; and : "Ica AKT GES DRESDEN 76", with a star in the middle.
Hello, Yes I am looking for some film holders , not dry plate holders, as far as I know as I am a novice to non roll film cameras.(The fact is I really think my life here is all about where you live in Lyon. I paint in the "style of the Masters" and grow 400 grape vines for wine making. Pinot noir and Cab. Sauv. under plastic tents in the Spring.) Back to the holders, how can I make arrangements with you to aquire a couple of holders,(?) as I don't have any access to them here on Hornby Island B.C. I have a pay pal account or could transfer funds bank to bank. Anyways thank you for your time and will be looking to hear from you , I'm still learning how to navigate this site. >> robert e.