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I saw that Formulary had both a low contrast and a regular batch is there one that would make the most sense?

Would you supply me with a specific negative, or do I use one of my own (which is not a problem).

I have step tablets from both stouffer and those big yellow guys too.

Just to be clear, the experiment print would be the one using formulary's solution and the reference print would use a commercial paper?

One would be a Formazo print and the other would be a standard print, both run through the same developer with one of your negatives and a step wedge. So, there would be 2 prints.

The Formazo comes in Soft and Hard (about 2 and 3 grade with Azo speed).

The choice of negative would depend on which batch they have left. If they only have the Soft, then you would need a harder negative, etc....

Does this make sense to you?