I will say that not having the convenience of running water teaches you to be "lean and mean" with your workflow.

I have to remember to bring in water before I need it. I have to remember to empty my slop bucket before it gets full. If I don't I'll have to stop everything and go do it, wasting time in the process.

When I develop film in the laundry room, I get all my stuff ready and measure out all my chems into plastic containers and carry it all to the sink in a plastic tray. I get my water up to temperature and temper my developer. I set my timer, I do my thing and it all works out great unless I forget something and I have to run back to the darkroom to get it. Then I have to hurry because, I might miss my next agitation time.

On the other hand, when I'm on my game, I can have EVERYTHING cleaned up and put away before I am ready to hang the film up to dry. While the film is in the fixer, I can rinse out my plastic containers and put them in the drying rack. When the film is in the final rinse cycle, I can put away all my thermometers and utensils. By the time the film is hung up, all I have to do is rinse the Photo-Flo out of my reels and I'm finished. I can literally be turning off the lights and shutting the door 5 minutes after my film comes out of the rinse.

If I ever do get water inside the darkroom I will be a lean, mean film-developing machine!