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For stealthy street shooting, I want a 35mm compact with a wide prime, and a fast but quiet shutter. (I think 1/500 is the fastest that the XA4 is capable of.) Zone focusing is what works best for me. Need lots of DOF. As such, I'll probably need to shoot high speed film.
With the GR you can set a 'snap' mode which fixes the focus at 7 feet, if you then set the aperture priority to f16, your focus range will be 2.8 feet to infinity. The snap mode also eliminates shutter lag.

I've never shot the XA4, but I have shot an XA. I think the shutter is quieter than the GR, but the big difference is that winding on with the XA is a series of clicks as you wind the wheel, with the GR it's an electronic motor whirring. It's not really noisy like a motor winder on some SLRs, but I can hear it unless there's lots of street noise.