Enriching your Minolta experience, one piece of crap at a time HA HA.
Thank you Chris. You have some very helpful posts.

The B.C. does not work. The shutter curtains are aligned ( no gaps) and the take up spool moves freely. The battery chamber is clean and the contact was pulled up a bit following your suggestion. I have not tried my Pentax cable release on the Minolta.

As you know this camera is completely electronic. The film advance seems dependent on the battery as well. ( Please see original O.P).. I don't know what a blown capacitor looks like nor do I know where to look. The camera has another issue. The LED bar (I'm assuming) in in the middle of the viewfinder instead of on the bottom.( not sure as I really don't know what this slightly opaqe horizontal bar represents - as I'm not sure where the LED lights and or Meter indicators are normally placed / viewed within the viewfinder). This of course would make it difficult to focus. But if the camera worked I would consider getting the viewfinder issue checked out for a cost.

As such, the camera body is in excellent shape but I'm afraid it may be a lost cause. No one in Phoenix wants to go near a CLA for under $200. And no one will give a ballpark of repair. Which is asinine - at least give me a $100- 300.00 range. But no dice. I think I get a working camera from the big auction house 1/3rd of the time. I'm not expecting much ( light seals, scratches, social identifiers expected)...so I'm not out a lot of money but 2/3rd of my hobby cash allowance is down the drain.

Oh well, I have an XG-7 to try next. I wanted both as the Minolta XG-? was my first SLR purchase in the early 80"s... it was stolen in the late 80's and I was nostalgic for another. But I couldn't remember if it was the 1 or 7. I was gifted a SRT 101 (meter dead with new wien cell) which works ( a bit dusty,,,but a CLA is too much denerio)and I now have a Minolta 2xi.
Thanks again for your input. I just hate to see these fine examples of ingenuity and engineering banished to the rubbish pile.

Too many Pentaxes, Minoltas, Kodaks etc. SLRs/ Folders/110's. and so little time. Ansel Adams' 1st 35mm was a Contax... please excuse me while I go to the chalk board and write "I do not need a 35mm Contax" 100 times.