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In many photographic magazines of around the 1960`s & 1970`s, there were often glamour/beauty portraits on the front covers taken by a photographer called Michael Barrington-Martin. The brief technical details for the photos would mention the use of an 8x10 inch format camera, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the photographer and which camera and lenses that he used?
Hi, I was Michael -Barrington Martin's assistant from 1964 -1966 @ his studio in Glasshouse street London W1 Michael used a tele Rollie for his medium format Theatrical portraits, he also had a Linhof 5x4 with 10x8 back but I do not remember him doing very much with 10x8 while I assisted him, as it was mostly fashion for Linda Leigh, Rodney dresses ,Aquascutum, using 5x4 which I think was a De Vere.
Michael loved big game fishing and had a trawler from Kinsale, Cork which he kept @ Millbay docks Plymouth. We used to travel down there in his VW microbus @ the week-end and fish off the Eddystone light house.He wrote for and illustrated his articals on fishing in several angling magazines.

His father was a portrait photograper I think in Gt Windmill street London W1. Michael was a very accomplished pianist before becoming a photographer and was self taught, I was the first assistant he had, being promoted from the darkroom as a B&W printer. His wife Peggy was the business brains they had one son called Rory, who I think went to Australia with Peggy and her mother after her divorce from Michael. Yes Michael did love the ladies just like Bailey who was known as "David Bailey makes love daily" this also applied to Michael who regularly had the studio door locked after a shoot.

The last that I heard of Michael was that he was living in Thetford forest with a lady artist, as he was into shooting game & I think he used to run wildlife walks in the forest.