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if you want an older lens ...
the wollensak triple ( 13/20/25 ) covers 11x14 with ease
( i use it on a 11x14 camera )
it might cover a few of those formats you mention
in the 20" + 25" configurations.
the lens come in a betax shutter and usually don't cost much money.
I owned at one time a Wollensak Raptar 13/20/25 convertible and the combined elements did not cover 11X14". Almost, but there was some vignetting on the corners. I don't remember about the single elements but generally the coverage of the single elements is not more than that of the combined elements. You have a longer focal length but the actual angle of coverage is much less.

My understanding was that the Raptar is the coated version of the older Wollensak triple convertible.

Sandy King