I have a Turner-Reich triple, 12/19/25 that I can put on my 14x17 and see the coverage. I'll assume for now that the 12" combo will only cover 11x14, but the single cells may hit 14x17. That was snagged when things were still cheap on shopgoodwill - got it in an Ilex #4 for around $100, if memory serves correctly. Another TC I've got at home I have to make an adapter lensboard for is a turn-of-the-19th century/early 20th century Wollensak Rapid Rectigraphic 19/29/39 in a pneumatic shutter. I've never seen another one so I have to assume they're rare, but maybe not valuable. It's marked as an 11x14 lens, but it probably covers my 14x17, and maybe even something bigger. In the longer range, there's a 600 Apo-Germinar I'm saving my pennies to have put in a Copal 3.