I'll be shooting my first wedding using film in a few weeks, as some of you already know.

I will be taking about 6 rolls of Fuji 400H (intend to use 4), 6 rolls of Fuji 800Z (intend to use 4) and two rolls of Fuji Acros 100 (intend to use one). 14 rolls covering 3 different brands. I'm worried that I'll spend too much time fudging around trying to find the rolls I want as I intend to just take them in their plastic containers without the boxes.

So I want some kind of belt that I can insert these into safely and carry around with me! A bit like how a soldier wears a belt of grenades for his grenade launcher! No doubt I'll look a bit of a berk if I can even find such a device, but I figure that if I can find such a device I can quickly load and unload, keep track of which films are which, etc.

I've read this thread but it only discusses portable containers - no 'hip attachments'.

Do any of you know of such a device? If not, how do you fine folks carry large numbers of films around during times when you are under pressure?